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Digital magazines – part 2

2004 – New digital concept: Interactive digital magazines

I am proud to say that – together with my former company Born05 – we are the founder of interactive digital magazines in The Netherlands. A high end, super interactive online magazine, with lots of possibility’s, like animation, video, editorial content and statistics. In 2004, when hardly anybody had heard of a digital magazine, we launched the first edition for publisher Wegener, under our company name Born05. The digital magazine was called Peper. After that the word spread. Brand after brand wanted their own digital magazine. A new digital era was born.


In 2007 we won a golden SpinAwards (best content) for’s BOMVOL magazine.
And multiple Customer Media Awards and a EMMA Award,

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Digital magazines – part 3





Allianz F1

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Allianz F1 – part 2

Allianz meets Formula 1 racing online

A Formula 1 (f1) platform to give Allianz more awareness as an insurance company in The Netherlands. The platform is split in two parts: the fastest game in The Netherlands and an up-to-date racing part in the form of a exclusive interactive package: race previews by Williams drivers, spectacular 3D images of different circuits, the latest news and interesting downloads. The Formula 1 platform has a clean and game-like look. Speed, power and of course Allianz are completely integrated into the design.


Agency: Born05 | Brand: Allianz

BigPitcher is responsible for the design of this project.

Check out some example screens below

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Allianz F1 – part 3

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