De boekenplank

Selexyz campaign


Your bookshelf in our store

A great collaboration with Superhero CheeseCake! We designed and produced a campaign for Selexyz called ‘My bookshelf’. The concept: book readers share their personal bookshelf -with five of their most favorite books- with Selexyz and their social network: Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. To inspire readers to share their bookshelf, different Dutch celebs share their personal top five on the Selexyz website and in the stores. Every participant can win a € 100 gift certificate which can be spend in a Selexyz store of choice and the opportunity to share their bookshelf in a Selexyz store during one week.


Client: Selexyz  | Collaboration: SuperHero Cheesecake & TRJNS

BigPitcher BigPitcher is responsible for the design of this project.

Check out some example screens below



De boekenplank – part 2

de boekenplank – part 3

The design

Customers discover the campaign by visiting the homepage of Selexyz. The user friendly campaign website is linked to this page. To read more about the celebs’ books, just click on the shelf. The celebs tell about their favorite books themselves. You also find information about who’s books will be displayed next week.


Grolsch app

Event based application


Grolsch app – part 2

Event based mobile application

An event based app during live events like Lowlands

The app is simple, but very effective. To win prices like Lowland festival tickets you (the beer drinker) have to search for Grolsch QR codes and scan them with your mobile phone. Grolsch QR codes can be found anywhere: online, in bars, on packaging, T-shirts, posters, through guerrilla actions, etc…. After scanning a code a virtual beer bottle will appear on the app which you can swipe open and then…enjoy your price! Many challenges will be spread into the Grolsch community/through the app and can be followed on Facebook and with the app.


Agency: Isobar | Brand: Grolsch

BigPitcher is responsible for the interaction design of this project.

Check out some example screens below

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  • 01_slide_grolsch
  • 02_slide_grolsch

Grolsch app – part 3

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