Playlist van je leven

KPN campaign - Spotify


Design your personal timeline / (Spotify) playlist of your life

You can whistle the tune, but you can’t remember the name of the song. Sounds familiar? Thanks to the cooperation between KPN and Spotify it’s possible to listen to all the favorite songs from your youth. During their brand new campaign existing and new KPN clients with an all in one package extra or premium, receive a free Spotify premium account. They meet Spotify on a personal and friendly level, by making ‘a playlist of their life’. This playlist can be compiled to one big song, which they can share through social networks like Facebook.


Agency: Code D’Azur (and Energize) | Brand: KPN

BigPitcher is responsible for the design of this project.

Check out some example screens below

Playlist van je leven – part 2

Playlist van je leven – part 3

The designs

  • 02_slide_kpnplaylist
  • 03_slide_kpnplaylist
  • 04_slide_kpnplaylist
  • 01_slide_kpnplaylist


Share it on Facebook

Feel nostalgic? Share your personal music timeline with your friends. It’s possible to post it on Facebook, quick & simple, even if it’s a lifetime playlist which contains hours of music. You can play it as one very long song.



MTV & 8x4 campaign


LIVE your style – part 3

Be creative! Style your own poster…

The main idea is to create your own print ad around the ‘8×4 – I live my style campaign’ using your webcam or photos from Facebook, Hyves or on your hard drive. The maker of the most creative ad will be the new face of the 8×4 campaign and wins a cash prize of € 8000. No inspiration? Renowned photographer Elza Jo provides you with tips and tricks.


Agency: Superhero Cheesecake | Brand: MTV & 8×4

BigPitcher is responsible for the design for this project.
Check out some example screens below


  • 05_mtv_slide_web
  • 06_mtv_slide_web
  • 07_mtv_slide_web
  • 04_mtv_slide_web

Live your style – part 2


Select 8×4 deodorant

Are you modern? Sweet? Or a beast? 8×4 has a deodorant for every personality. To create a personal poster you choose the one that suits you best. The deodorant of choice will be uploaded into your poster you are going to design.


  • 00_mtv_slide
  • 01_mtv_slide
  • 02_mtv_slide

Customize your poster

It’s time to customize the poster. Choose your favorite background color and upload your best pics. Be creative! Press save and your poster will be placed in the gallery, together with all other ‘8×4 I live my style’ posters.

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