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Send your personal cooked soup to friends

Create your own unique soup, and become a soup hero! Honig provides customers with core ingredients to make various soups, quick & simple. Add up some of your favorite ingredients, and create your very own soup. The soup hero campaign is about sharing your soup pan with friends. Boondoggle asked me to design the online part of this campaign: Facebook app and logo.

Agency: Boondoggle | Brand: Honig

BigPitcher is responsible for the Facebook app and logo Soephelden.

Check out some example screens below

Soephelden – part 2


Soephelden part 3

Facebook app

An social app which helps you create your own soup recipe, step by step, in a virtual kitchen. After finishing the steps, you can post the soup, the recipe and a personal note on your friends Facebook wall. Inspire them with your recipe or invite them to eat the soup together. You can win an Honig apron every day. Give it a try!


Configure your soup recipe

Time to cook! Step by step you answer a simple question: ‘Choose your Honig soup or ingredients you like to start with’.

Share the recipe and invite your friend

Your homemade soup is ready to be shared with friends. Post the recipe on your Facebook wall.


…and win an original ‘Honig Soepheld’ apron

Every week you can win a Honig apron… Facebook winners will be notified.

de Bijenkorf App

Retail application

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  • 22_slide_bijenkorf
  • 23_slide_bijenkorf
  • 26_slide_bijenkorf
  • 27_slide_bijenkorf

iMagazine for tablets & mobile phones

A digital fashion magazine on your mobile phone or tablet, that’s the Bijenkorf inspiration app. Very unique, for this department store is the only one in The Netherlands which provides customers with this service. Swipe through the latest fashion wear the Bijenkorf offers with just a touch of your finger. Sparkling fashion shoots and video’s in various themes inspire you what to wear every new season. My/Isobar’s goal was to create an app with the look & feel of a fashion magazine. Do you think we succeeded?

Agency: Isobar | Brand: de Bijenkorf
BigPitcher is responsible the product pages and previous interaction designs.



Download app

Hexagons & chapters

Hexagons belong to the Bijenkorf. I was asked to design various hexagons from scratch. A summer hat, a guitar or a leather patch: each visual design represents a different chapter of the iMagazine.


…and for kids some cool HTML5 games

The Bijenkorf iMagazine is also for kids. In some editions kids can play with some basic & fun HTML5 games


de Bijenkorf app – part 3

Example video content – credits video: Isobar

TheFWA won twice in three years

The Bijenkorf inspiration app has been live for three years and
has already won two theFWA mobile of the day awards.
theFWA 2011  |  theFWA 2013


de Bijenkorf App – part 2


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